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Star Armani [] Workin' what her mama gave her [2018/FullHD]

Name roliks: Workin' what her mama gave her

Type SiteRip: 1080 Size: 1.12 GB

Armani is one of the biggest names in high-end fashion, so it is a fitting name for a bad bitch like Star Armani. Star is the type of chick that keeps heads on a swivel when she walks down a street. She knows how to work what her mama gave her. In fact, she enjoys showing off what she's working with. "I like to look good and feel good," Star said. "I have a lot of confidence. I dress sexy because that's what I am." We love girls who keep it real, and when you're working with the tight body and phat booty Star is workin' with, confidence is expected. With a body like that, she doesn't need to be dressed in Armani to look like a star. She proved that by rockin' this construction worker outfit that gets every cock rock hard. A booty like that deserves a hung stud, and there was no better option than Johnny Rod.

Nila Mason [] Nila & The Ass Man [2018/FullHD]

Name roliks: Nila & The Ass Man

Type SiteRip: 1080 Size: 1.47 GB

When Nila Mason wiggles her finger at a guy, he moves in fast. It's an invitation no red-blooded man could resist. Steve races over to the bed where Nila is fully dressed in an outfit that leaves nothing to the imagination. Once in bed with Nila, Steve sticks to her massive breasts like glue. The sheer size and weight are incredible. Steve can't get over them. So he gets under them and sucks on her nipples like a baby. Now he wants to see another side of Nila, namely her fantastic ass. He positions her on her knees, pulls her dress up and plays with her cheeks. She's not wearing panties.

Erin Star [] A Bust Star Named Erin [2018/FullHD]

Name roliks: A Bust Star Named Erin

Type SiteRip: 1080 Size: 837 MB

At the end of the rainbow is a brick-house breast goddess named Erin Star. Sometimes we need to smack ourselves upside the head to remind us that she's real and not a hallucination. Her sister Helen has that effect on us also. Erin is in no hurry to slowly take off her denim mini-skirt, her cleavage-exposing shirt and her bra and panties. She loves to be admired and she's found a way to get that admiration. Breast play comes naturally. She jiggles, shakes and sucks on her big, soft tits, squeezing and rubbing them, and she's always smiling. Leaning back, Erin parts her legs to show her pussy, then spreads her lips. She's found her happy seat. Sticking her shapely ass up for your inspection, Erin spreads her cheeks to show another side of her.

Licky Lex [] Big breasted driver rides cock May 25, 2018 [2018/FullHD]

Name roliks: Big breasted driver rides cock May 25, 2018

Type SiteRip: 1080 Size: 1.33 GB

I was driving around looking my fare and getting annoyed when Tommy Hood opened the door. Tommy was headed to Cernosice and looked angry. I asked him what was wrong and he told me he had not been paid today. We started driving, and he started hitting on me. Driving a Taxi for four hours can be boring, so I welcomed the compliments. When he offered we take a break, I thought that would a great idea, but my mood changed when he said he didn't have enough money to pay his fare. I needed another form of payment and had...

Natalie Rae [] New Girl Audition [2018/FullHD]

Name roliks: New Girl Audition

Type SiteRip: 1080 Size: 1.87 GB

Meet Natalie. She is beyond amazing. Cute, fun, great personality. She's totally the type of girl you expect to see at church! She doesn't look at all like someone who would be auditioning for a HUGE gangbang and bukkake! We had a bit of fun for her audition shoot. She was too good that I ended up cumming too early and I wasn't able to give her a good facial. Damn it! Oh well, she is shooting her bukkake with us next week and will be taking on the TB team. We can't wait

Elaine [] Elaine's 3rd Gangbang & Bukkake [2018/FullHD]

Name roliks: Elaine's 3rd Gangbang & Bukkake

Type SiteRip: 1080 Size: 1.70 GB

We have something special for you guys! Elaine called me up and said she wanted to fuck a bunch of the guys and then catch any cum that doesn't land on her face with a glass so she could gulp it all down. She took on several guys and drank all their cum!

Elaine [] Elaine's 1st Gangbang & Bukkake [2018/FullHD]

Name roliks: Elaine's 1st Gangbang & Bukkake

Type SiteRip: 1080 Size: 1.71 GB

Elaine first contacted me through Twitter. She really wanted to be in her own gangbang. It had been a fantasy of hers for a long time. She and her friend Haley, take on 13 guys. They make out with each other for a bit at the beginning and then start sucking and fucking the guys. Then, Elaine takes all the loads from all the guys on her face. She was so overcome by all of the flying jizz!

Kat [] Kat's 1st Gangbang & Bukkake [2018/FullHD]

Name roliks: Kat's 1st Gangbang & Bukkake

Type SiteRip: 1080 Size: 2.85 GB

Kat and her boyfriend contacted us last month really wanting to do a shoot. She had done some smaller group stuff, but nothing like this. She is a fantastic little bundle. A rockin hot body and an insatiable appetite for cum! She takes on 10 guys in EVERY hole and even did a good deal of DP!! We tried something a little different this time and had the guys take turns fucking her while the rest took turn cumming on her face. She loved every second and it definitely shows on camera. Kat and her boyfriend are very excited to do more shoots with us in the future. They even promise they have some nice female friends who may want to join us as well!! Thanks for watching

Mickey Mod, Kira Noir, Leigh Raven [] Not Good Enough: Bratty Step-Sister Anal Trains The New Girlfriend [2018/HD]

Name roliks: Not Good Enough: Bratty Step-Sister Anal Trains The New Girlfriend

Type SiteRip: 720 Size: 3.05 GB

Deep in erie suburban calm, Kira Noir waits patiently for her big step-brother Mickey to return home and play with her. A gorgeous babe with a lithe dancer's body and an undeniably masochistic sensuality, she is committed to the D/s contract they made years ago. Unfortunately for everyone, Mickey is returning home with his hot new punk rock girlfriend Leigh Raven in tow, ready to introduce her to the family and put his taboo past with Kira behind him. Thinking no one is home, he starts making out with Leigh and tries to bring her into his room, only to be intercepted by Kira who takes no pains to disguise her disapproval of alt girl Leigh and makes it clear she is still her brother's number one. Leigh is a bit shaken, but soon soothed by hot sex and an introduction to Mickey's old sex toy collection in his bedroom. Flogged, clamped, throat fucked, made to respond to commands, gagged and fucked within an inch of her life, Leigh is a perfect tattooed slut, oozing with sexual energy and cumming again and again on Mickey's cock. Aroused by the sounds of Mickey fucking, Kira comes to watch the fun and rub her cunt hungrily through his bedroom window. She gets caught and waved off by Mickey, but not before she gets her pussy all wet watching the new girlfriend get pounded. She lays out the rope and the electrical toys in her old bedroom and waits for him to come punish her for peeping. Without fail, Mickey storms in and has his anger converted to sexual heat by Kira's submissive desire. Put in a tight choke predicament tie where she must keeps her arms up high behind her back or choke herself out, Kira takes her punishment with pleasure. She shakes with lust when shocked repeatedly and asks for more, getting her soaked cunt cattle prodded multiple times. Mickey clamps her tiny tits, and she begs and drools until she gets her tight ass pounded by her big step-brother's huge cock. She obediently chokes herself out when commanded, cumming with her eyes rolling back in her head. Mickey warns her this was the last time and retreats from her room, but there is no last time for Kira. She hunts and seduces Leigh in the family kitchen, convincing her she will need to be an anal pro to keep Mickey in a relationship and offers to teach her how. Completely falling for the trap, Leigh has her perfect body stripped down as she innocently listens to directions, holding trays, taking hard cane strokes, and finally having her ass licked and fucked by Kira. Just as Kira planned, Mickey comes back from his errand to find them fucking in the kitchen, leaving him no choice but to put them both in line. A strict zipper, more harsh caning, orgasm training, anal, bondage, and anal fisting bring this new triad into a kinky unity, with Kira happily on the bottom serving the new couple.

Lisey Sweet [] Anal Hostage [2018/HD]

Name roliks: Anal Hostage

Type SiteRip: 720 Size: 1.74 GB

When a smash and grab robbery goes wrong and Mr. Pete is pressured to take Lisey Sweet as a hostage, the doomed pair escape the scene to negotiate a dirty deal for Lisey's release. Mr Pete ties his hostage up tight, gags her and threatens to expose her if she tells anyone about what happened. Blond cutie Lisey is scared as hell so she complies and agrees to give Pete a blow job. His hard cock slides down Lisey's throat as she tries to please her captor. After a hot and sloppy throat fucking Mr. Pete puts Lisey in doggie with her ass high in the air. He punishes her with the flogger and slaps her ass bright pink. Mr Pete fucks Lisey's slutty wet pussy with his big dick until she begs to come and then he takes her ass hostage with his hard cock and pounds her ass into blissful submission. Pete flips Lisey onto her back and fucks her butt in an impressive acrobatic position. Merciless anal stretches Lisey's hole out and makes her ass gape wide open. She holds her perfect gape open with her long sexy pink and silver fingernails. Then Mr Pete pries Lisey's ass open even more with a metal dildo and she loves every minute. Finally he makes Lisey squirt, vibes her pussy 'til sheas out of her mind and fucks her needy hostage ass all the way home until he busts his hot load all over pussy.

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