Miss Jasmine starring in video (Slouchy loser Office pig Part 2)  of (Club Stiletto FemDom) studio [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Ballbusting, Kicking, Office Domination, Asian Goddess, Asian, Miss Jasmine, Ballbusting, Kicking, Office

Video Description: This is the second and final scene in this two part series. In Slouch loser Office pig 1, Miss Jasmine has confronted her new employee and turned him into the office pig. She tells him she is going to train him to be pig of the month. In part two the scene opens with the pig on his knees and upright, his legs spread, Jasmine controlling him with a leash and collar. She gives him a couple good kick in the nuts and notices that it gets him hard so she kicks harder. He goes down to all fours in pain and she tells him to get back up. She then walks behind him and tells him to get in classic pig position where she lands several solid kicks until he squeals and falls to the ground in pain. How badly do you want to be pig of the month? she asks him.You now get a view from the front of the battered office boy, er pig, where you can see Miss Jasmines foot coming in between his legs and landing blow after blow to his swollen nuts until he again falls to the floor. Sometimes office work can be so much fun Jasmine says laughing out loud. She gets him back up and kicks some more saying Now you can go home and honestly tell your wife you had a hard day at work. She again kicks repeatedly until her falls over on his back. She steps on his balls and then kicks them again. The slave rolls in the fetal position but Jasmine deftly reaches in and kicks him a few more times. She laughs hysterically seeing him on the ground like that. She decides to give him a break and tells him to getup on all fours. She sits on him, he will be her office chair for the rest of the day.

Miss Zara DuRose starring in video (Caged Fuck Meat  Complete Movie)  of (The English Mansion) studio [HD 720P]

Genre: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, The English Mansion, Miss Zara Durose, Zara Durose, Redhead, Bondage Male, Bondage, Bondage Spread Eagle, Cage, Cum, Female Orgasm, Handjob, Long Red Nails, Male Sex Slave, Mouth Examination, Cunnilingus, Pussy Worship, Pussy Licking, Pussy Eating, Queening, Sex, Topless Domina

Video Description: Miss Zara du Rose visits the slave cell, to release one of her sex object who has has been locked away and is very eager to impress and be released. After showing his submission by kissing her beautiful leather boots, she brings him out, locking him to a chain, ready to examine the parts that she is going to use, pulling his tongue out with the forceps and making his cock grow. He lays on the mattress, as Mistress takes pleasure from his eager tongue on her perfect pussy, making sure she grinds he clit into his face, with no regard to his comfort. After her first orgasm, she moves onto his straining, hard dick, her tightness enveloping him as he is told to fuck her hard, without coming, so she can orgasm again. In reward for such exceptional servitude, Zara grants him a release, using her soft, expert hands to rub him to an intense cumshot.

Miss Zara DuRose starring in video (Caged Fuck Meat  Part 4) of (The English Mansion) studio [HD 720P]

Genre: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, The English Mansion, Redhead, Miss Zara Durose, Zara Durose, Sex, Fucking, Mistress, Handjob, Forced Male Orgasm, Forced Ejaculation, Sperm, Forced Orgasm, Cumshot, Milking

Andi Page starring in video (Front Headscissors Scream) of (Reality Girls Scissors) studio [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

Genre: Scissorhold, Mixed Wrestling, Submission Hold, Calves, Domination, Legs, Andi Page

Video Description: Andi Page has among the greatest headscissors ever. It is nearly impossible for anyone to suffer long in the intensity of Andis legs, which seem to get bigger and more able to create cartoon-like headscissor consequence each week, month as though her legs are some other than from here. Brand new guy Tommy has never been headscissored. He is big and tough but not overly thick and she overpowers him easily with her straight headscissors. He hangs in better in figure four headscissors but not much at first as he is tapping and coughing and purple as Andi tells him pain is temporary and her ankles Snap! together the way they do when she locks on a straight headscissors its like other famous sounds of athletics and its all hers. She sinks him to the mat in brutal rear naked chokes as the tough guy lets out big bursts of pain his chest heaving. Andi has to cross her legs in a standing headscissors. Everyone every one wholl still allow her to headscissor them tap out in headcrushers before she can cross her ankles. Its a whole thing. Her legs are inhuman. Reverse headscissors. She twilight rests him in her RNC but hes not all gone. Brutal reverse headscissors another of Andis brutal figure-four headscissors as Tommy is tapping still. A vicious Figure 8 into more brutal straight headscissors that have him hacking and coughing as the gym addict taps like an auto crusher has his neck as the greatness of Andi Pages headscissors fills the camera. A reverse headscissors more taps and then; he taps on her ass. Andi is angry. Dont tap my ass Ill pop your fucking head off. She seems nearly to keep the promise and he needs another break from her Hall Of Fame legs that are slapped by Tommy like they stole his car wildly in the pain and pressure of the superstar. his neck feeling like it will certainly separate. Its Celestials first time seeing Andi on the mat and she smiles her perfectly wide smile at the skill and power with which her friend controls the big and tough man; into Andis reverse seated double heel choke. More head swallowing figure four headscissors have him purple as she drops the Soles of one of her shoes on his face, telling the tough guy where its Sole has been in thrilling dominance and brutalizes him in more straight headscissors. Andis Japanese figure-four stuns him. Hes hacking and coughing. Her hamstring choke more RNCs as he falls back shaking and she laughs that she had him, and let him off the hook. Then a brutal moment in headscissors Reality the young superstar slaps her legs and powers on a front headscissors that makes the big man scream. A brutal camel clutch. I dont wanna break his back, she casually says then almost takes his neck out in a twisting reverse figure-four headscissors. One more scissorhold? she asks and he says yes and he hangs in as long as he can his jaw shifting as he shakes from her power. Then one more rear naked choke that has him in the mat fighting like a warrior to stay in, making awful noises as he has to be released from the legs of one of historys greatest headscissor artists here among us today and one tough fucker lucky to say the same as he promises more next time but quits after 20 minutes of the headscissors of the great Andi Page.. Time: 18:33

Mistress Lacy starring in video (Sit, Stay, Lick)  of (VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE) studio [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Foot Worship, Foot Domination, Female Domination, Femdom, Boot Domination, Pantyhose, Stockings ,Lacy Lennon

Video Description: Mistress Lacy has a brand new pet in her stables that needs to be thoroughly broken in. He is far from trained but shows much promise as Mistress Lacy uses her feet to show him whose boss. Mistress Lacy is merciless when she trains a new bitch and doesnt give her pet any breaks while her feet fuck and fill his mouth. She wants to watch him gag as she has holds onto his short leash making him choke on every toe deep down his throat.

Goddess Alexandra Snow starring in video (Snows Greatest Hits) [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Mesmerize, Masturbation Instruction, Goddess Worship, Ass Worship, Femdom Pov, Tit Worship, Masturbation Instruction

Video Description: As a pillar of the FemDom community, Ive amassed a collection of over 2000 videos. Each year my production quality and creativity improves. All of my loyal boys are sure to have noticed this. For my loyal clip buyers, Ive made something extra special for you. Ive collected twenty-five of my favorite videos into one hour long compilation video. Some of the sexiest content Ive ever made is right here in this video. All of my favorite categories all compiled into one long clip. If youve been a long time fan, then these are probably some of your favorites too. If youre new, Im sure youll find several clips to bring you in and keep you hooked for life. Can you resist my most beautiful videos? I dont think so.

Goddess Gynarchy starring in video (Leg and Leather Boot Worship) [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Shoe, Boot Worship,Boot Domination, Female Domination, Femdom, Femdom Pov, Leather ,Leather Boots, Leather Fetish, Leg Worship, Boot Worship, Thigh High Boots, Stiletto Boots, Boots, Dominatrix, Cum Eating Instructions, Nylons, Pov, Female Supremacy, Tights, Pantyhose, Cei

Video Description: You are a sucker for my gorgeous strong legs in thigh high boots. Long, lean, muscular legs wrapped in supple leather and made all the more better by a nice thin stiletto. They are gorgeous boots, arent they? Wouldnt you love to show me just how much you love them?Suckling on the heel of my boots is close to a spiritual experience. Worshipping my legs is akin to prayer. A physical gesture of deep love and utter respect to the beautiful long limbs that have carried such a beautiful woman so well throughout her life

(Beaten And Humiliated) of (Reality Girls Scissors) studio [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

Genre: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Mixed Wrestling, Wrestling, Humiliation, Beatdowns, Body Scissor, Degradation, Maria Jade, Scissor, Scissorhold, Headscissor, Scissorer, Scissoring, Face Sitting, Facesitting, Face Sit, Facesit, Ass Smothering, Smother, Muscular Woman, 4K, Femdom 4K, 4K Femdom, 4K Clips, Uhd, Ultra Hd

Video Description: The gymnast Maria Jade challenges Pete to Do Somethin as she dominates him in her skin-tight wrestling outfit. Her muscular arms encircle his neck in a rear naked choke she turns into a combo hold with a bodyscissors. She pours the power on his ribs. Try to get out, she taunts him. She is much stronger than he is; her new fitness routine her skill she presses away his wind and kicks him away. She tells him Look at me, and cranks on a front headscissors with my rock-hard steel thighs, gotta do squats every day to get these kinds of quads. She tells him shes about to hurt him in her legs. He thinks its bad. A front headscissors makes him dizzy and she throws him back into her steel quads for a straight headscissors. A double foot choke into another headscissors. pete hates submissions and is a little bitch on the ground. Maria hates him and presses down HOM. She pins him against the wall then pushes him down at her feet; her legs are impossible through which to suffer. She gets mad that he talks again and flattens him in a rear naked choke and gra pevine. She humiliates him, telling him stay down; I dont think you can hang calling him an old man when he thinks he looks young. She laughs at him, standing over him. Something about you makes me want to stand on your pathetic face. Maria does not like Pete. She stomps his balls. She scares him feigning stomping his face and takes his back. A brutal bodyscissors hurts his ribs; hes dazed and scared. She takes her top off and throws it at him, intimidating him. She says he reminds her of a garbage can. A SGP. She slaps him in the face, humiliating Pete, choking him in a gymnastic hold. HOM. The veins and muscles in her forearms flex. She throws his face into her ass and powers on a reverse headscissors. She ass sits him, bounces her gymnast ass on his throat. She makes him fight and throws him down, twisting his neck and calling him a little sissy short guy humiliating him and making him tap, proving shes stronger, laughing at his pain.

(Dez Desire)s Savage Scissors) of (Scissor Vixens) studio [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Scissor Vixens, Scissor, Scissorhold, Scissored, Scissoring, Smothering, Smother

Video Description: Gorgeous Amazon beauty, Dez Desire, returns to ScissorVixens to demonstrate what kind of SKULL-CRUSHING destruction her legs are capable of in SAVAGE SCISSORS fashion!Dez spends a lot of time inside of the ring for real as a pro wrestler and MMA fighter and when you step inside of her ring of scissorstheres going to be a lot of pain dished out by her long, powerful THIGHS!Normally, we try to split the time between two victims during our intense SAVAGE SCISSORS videos but once Drew saw the type of beating the first victim was taking while behind the camera, he decided to stay behind the camera as long as he could.But Dez made sure that after DESTROYING the first victim for the first 15 minutes, Drew didnt escape without feeling the frightening power of her thighs for the final 5 minutes!So check out Dez Desire kicking ass and CRUSHING HEADS in Dez Desires SAVAGE SCISSORS!.

(FFCompilation#2) of (Fucked Feet) studio [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Fucked Feet, Compilation, Footjob, Foot Worship, Footdom, Foot Domination, Footworship, Foot Fetish, Footlicking, Foot Licking

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