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Oh boy do we have a wild and wet Asian pussy for you this week! A lot of people rue the part of the week that Mondays roll around on but not me. I get up, piss excellence in the morning, and sit down with a cup of coffee to see what kind of magic that I can blast out to our loyal fans of Tuk Tuk Patrol. This week, we have a sexy young-looking stunner wearing braces and dressed like shes fresh from out under mom and dads roof at the impressionable age of eighteen. Except, after a quick ride back to the villa, we find out shes actually a 23yo MILF, sporting augmented not-oversized boobs and a wet Asian pussy that cant stop parading itself around the room and inviting everyones touch. Even her own..


The look on Films face the moment she was staring down the barrel of our mans cum-gun was more than just priceless it was a foreboding example of what was to come. She admits it may not be the first white one shes seen but with wide eyes and naughty thoughts running through her mind, she tells us its definitely the biggest one shes seen. And well tell you right now she does way more than just fucking look at it!

All of us here just cant help but revel in the joy and anticipated frustration of the way that she double-handedly takes on the task of a blowjob. That fact that the whole thing just wont fit is a vision that only proves to excite, tease and torture everyone involved But size be damned, her pussy was not going to let her down. The way she keeps throwing her own wet Asian pussy lube, bottled lube, and fingers into the mix you could say that she was on a mission to stretch out and cum on every single fucking part of that dick that her wanton soaked pulsating gash could reach.

And if thats not messy and wild enough, watch as she finishes it all off with a steaming pile of cum to her face that was prefaced (no pun intended) by a careful warm exploration of that big dick hanging cock-eyed right in her flush warm satisfied face. Cause that even warmer wet Asian pussy cant have ALL the fun now, can it?!

Until next time, stay happy and stay horny!

Darcy Dark, Mary Frost, Amalia Davis - Girlfriend Material: Amalia Davis [FullHD 1080P]

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ASSALICIOUS! Cooking in the ASS! Starring Brittany Bardot and Jessy Jey BBC010 [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Brittany Bardot has invited the super spicy bombshell of porn, Jessy Jey, to the Bad Bardot Club for the first episode of Assalicious a kinky and hilarious cooking show! Brittany makes a wonderful Orgasmic Anal Omlette in Jessys tight ass - and they eat with with a huge smile on their faces! Next up, Jessy makes a whole tray of cupcakes from a cake mix straight out of Brittanys prolapse! Before they decorate the cupcakes, its time for some filthy cocksucking, fisting, squirting and assfucking! This is another world premiere in porn, brought to you by (of course) the Queen of Filth herself Brittany Bardot. Over ONE HOUR of craziness!

Lola Fae - Fucking stepsis to the maximum [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: When I saw my stepsis on the phone with her boyfriend touching herself and masturbating I got the whole thing on my cellphone camera. I heard her talk about her sex life and stuff and I knew I wanted a piece of that hot juicy pussy. Once she saw my big cock up close she was all wet in no time craving for a good fuck and working her mouth up and down my thick shaft repeatedly. It was as hot as it was wrong, but we both enjoyed our fuck to the max.

Alexis Crystal - Alexis Crystal: Tempted Teen Is Craving Cock [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Blonde babe Alexis Crystal is the kind of girl you want to keep in your bedroom in case you get horny.

Jemma's ultimate challenge! [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: More and more liberated on the sexual level, the beautiful Jemma arrives in front of our inflated camera. The Italian is indeed in great shape to finally satisfy an old fantasy that was close to her heart ... Because it is nothing less than a gang bang with four guys waiting for her! Both excited and a little stressed, her bubbling character makes her run at speed towards this unbridled experience ... And once between the legs of the lads, the sexology student goes around this particular course by multiplying the blowjobs, sodomies and even double penetrations!

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Video Description: The head full of fantasies and the confidence accumulated during his first video allow Gloria, 21, to come back to see us with a calm mind. The styling student always finds us in Velaux 13, where she lives, for new adventures that she wished to have never seen before. Indeed, even if she has a lot of ass plans at her disposal, she had never had the opportunity to taste a fuck with another woman! We then decide to repair this anomaly by presenting her with a sex devil named Angelina, who is responsible for initiating her to these very naughty pleasures, but also to convert her to sodomy thanks to friend Tony ...

Mila Milan - Tattooed Temptresses Mila Milan Eats Ass and Takes a Pounding [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: Short haired blonde vixen Mia Milan gets her chance to get her pussy pounded by Porno Dan. Watch as the inked busty babe gets fucked in different possitions.
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