Vickie Jay - Mommy's surprise [HD 720P]

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Video Description: Milf experience with sloppy blow job, oiled body, toy riding and anal riding

Bigbuttsapphire, Kim Velez, Shanie Gaviria - Big Butts & Big Tits [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: ManyVids, Lesbian, Shower, Colombian, Big natural tits, Boobs, Big areolas, Big ass, Latina, Oil, POV

Video Description: Guys... this video is a must! Watch me with my two busty and curvaceous friends. This video also includes many minutes of extra footage from a secondary voyeuristic camera!!!
This one does exactly what it says on the tin. Kim Velez and Shanie Gaviria join Ms Sapphire in the shower to show off their big butts and tits, fondle and grope each other, rub oil over themselves and generally worship each other's sexy curves. This is mostly filmed from one point of view, but there's a second camera in the scene with some separate footage from another POV.

Claresa: Horny MILF exploring sexuality [FullHD 1080P]

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Genre: DickDrainers, 1st IR Rimming, BBC, Big Ass, Ebony, Hardcore, Cum In Mouth, Deepthroat, Face Slapping

Video Description: You know what I dont understand? Bitches. They be coming out here playin wit us, tryna fuck our heads up. Every day its the same thing. You tell a bitch hi, she roll her fuckin eyes. You give a whistle at her and she cuss you out. They just stuck up.

Why you go to the club if u aint gonna talk to nobody? Why you wear that if you wasnt gonna let me touch up on you? Why you dressed like that if you dont want no attention? I'm sick of dealin with it bro. I had a girl ignore me when I held the door open for her and i promised myself the next bitch who dont respect me gonna get the bizness.

Apparently this big booty bitch aint get the message. She was in the club lookin right. And I approached her like a gentleman, like a man, all nice and respectful. But the bitch acted like i ain't exist, like she was too good for ME. Talkin about im in her personal space, im a scrub, all this. WTF yo? I was heated.

Bitch do you know i got the glizzy in the dash??? Bitch was so busy showin out for lesser ones and yapping to her home girl that she aint even notice me followin her stupid ass home. And yeah i heard her talkin trash about me on the way too. She was so busy running her fuckin mouth she aint even notice she left her door unlocked....
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