Camille, 22, history student! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: JacquieEtMichelTV, Teen, French, Hardcore, Big ass

Video Description: Here we are on the bank of the Seine, under the sun to meet the pretty Camille. A History student, the 22 year old woman, who lives in Issy-les-Moulineaux, is passionate about the Napoleonic period and everything around her. But she is also a conqueror in another field, namely sex... Indeed, despite the fact that she has been in a couple for many years, she is libertine at every opportunity, with or without the approval of her sweetheart. And for her first video with J&M, the voluptuous young lady wanted to be shaken by a guy in particular, the muscular Dorian!

Morgane's sports jogging, 39 years old! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: JacquieEtMichelTV, Milf, French, Hardcore

Video Description: Jogging, airing her mind in the forest and building up a physique of steel is the goal of the beautiful 39-year-old Morgane. Except that in the middle of a quiet wood may find a trap that she absolutely could not expect... Indeed, when she came across two excited lascars at the sight of her little outfit, she could only spend a moment of lust in their company, and get herself shaken up at the same time!

The very warm welcome from Lola, 32 years old! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: JacquieEtMichelTV, Milf, French, Hardcore

Video Description: You must certainly recognize this slender naughty girl with very exciting curves... Lola, 32 years old, is a young lady with a strong character, originally from the South-West of France. It is moreover in this region that we go, to her home more exactly, somewhere in the Landes. Smiling and ultra-sexy, the young woman very quickly reveals her desires, as well as her light underwear... This does not fail to please Ninos, who jumps at the opportunity to shake it on his terrace!

Isabella, a superb mermaid ... [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: JacquieEtMichelTV, French, Blonde, Hardcore

Video Description: When you come across a mermaid of Isabella's calibre, you must never let her go! Fortunately, the beautiful Spanish girl is not the kind to disappear without leaving a forwarding address... On the contrary, she prefers to take care of the men who caught her in their nets! Off the port of Marseille, the superb creature is being coaxed by our lascar, who leaves her no time to rest...

Tiffany, perversion expert ... [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: JacquieEtMichelTV, French, Boobs, Big Tits, Hardcore

Video Description: We never get tired of admiring the curves and the pretty face of this naughty Tiffany... A real sex bomb with a proven gluttony, she has become, over time and videos shot with us, an expert in the field of perversion. So when it comes to slumming it with one of our masquerades, the superb creature immediately takes matters into her own hands and puts all her energy into achieving absolute pleasure!

Flora, 34, still flourishes as much! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: JacquieEtMichelTV, Milf, French, Anal, Big ass

Video Description: No way to clean up her sex life: for Flora, 34 years old, the goal is to have as much fun as possible, and by all means at her disposal! In this unpretentious little scenario, the naughty girl wears an outfit far too light to do housework in front of her friend Doryann... The latter, excited at the sight of the openings conscientiously exposed by the lady, can't help but go for a walk, especially in the back room!

In the woods of lust with Emma, 28 years old! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: JacquieEtMichelTV, Milf, Boobs, Big Tits, French, Hardcore

Video Description: A naughty 28-year-old pulpy girl, Emma wreaks havoc with her crazy outfits and curves. While she is walking along the road, her friend Vince, challenged by the presence of such a pretty lady in a lost corner, stops at her height... From then on, the trap is closed on the lascar, because the blonde has a very precise idea of what she wants to do in the woods around: fuck, of course!

Rachel, 29, a successful retraining! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: JacquieEtMichelTV, Milf, French, Hardcore

Video Description: It is a rather unexpected conversion that the beautiful Rachel, 29 years old, reveals to us. A former florist in Paris, the young lady has since moved to the countryside and now works as a farmer in Clermont-Ferrand! If her daily life has obviously changed, she hasn't given up the idea of taking part in a new video with us... In the middle of the barn, the naughty sculptural girl can taste the ardour of Max, a well-known stallion from J&M!

Lilou, 23, the explosive return of the anatomical bomb! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: JacquieEtMichelTV, Teen, French, Blonde, Hardcore

Video Description: Having taken advantage of the confinement to please her fans on her page MerciFans, Lilou, the anatomical bomb of the Ile d'Oleron, offers us a little freshness after this complicated period. More motivated than ever to unveil us again her goddess body in a video, she signs a smashing comeback with one of our lascars, who takes advantage of the situation to have a very good time too...

A little tour in the woods with Mylene, 23 years old ... [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: JacquieEtMichelTV, Teen, French, Hardcore

Video Description: Very sex-oriented and imaginative when it comes to exploring the paths of vice, Mylene, a naughty pulpy 23-year-old, has decided to put on a costume a bit special to have a bit of fun. Indeed, the idea is to play the prostitute who is on the street while waiting for a client to arrive... Her play partner is none other than her friend Doryann, who takes unlimited advantage of the young lady's curves in a fiery fuck in the heart of a quiet wood!
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