Cassie - Phil Is Well Surrounded When You Wake Up [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jacquie Et Michel Tv, JacquieEtMichelTv, Cassie, French

Video Description: Phil is still in the doldrums and struggling to emerge. Indeed, after his meeting with Cassie, alias Calamity Jane, who has gone wrong, he wakes up in a bed, surrounded by two very pretty girls of joy. Delighted with the situation, he nevertheless discovers that his pants have already been taken off and that the young women have already started sensual caresses ...

Francesca, Anita - Francesca, 24, Impresses With Her Versatility! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jacquie Et Michel TV, JacquieEtMichelTV, Francesca, Anita, French

Video Description: To see more about Anita, subscribe to her Swame! Her hypnotizing gaze and crazy curves always have the same attraction effect on the camera! Francesca, a sublime brunette with piercing green eyes, continues her visit to the South of France in search of French lust. This curious young woman with confirmed sexual experience would like to confront an equally naughty woman. With the fiery Anita, she will be able to realize this fantasy in the most beautiful way, especially if a stallion like Hiro joins the party...

Vittoria - Vittoria Is Struggling To Wait [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jacquie Et Michel Tv, JacquieEtMichelTv, Vittoria, French, Boobs, Anal

Video Description: Very hot content from Vittoria can be found on her Swame! Divine, sublime, extraordinary, unreal... Words fail to define the magnificent Vittoria! This milf with a crazy body and sensual gaze also knows that few men can resist her sex appeal, as she acts like a magnet to these gentlemen. But she has a weak point, which is called Vince! Indeed, the latter has the favors of the anatomical bomb and benefits greatly from it, especially when the latter asks him to visit her fantastic buttocks that are plump to perfection...

Joy, Anita - Joy Couldn't Dream Of A Better Alloy! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jacquie Et Michel Tv, JacquieEtMichelTv, Joy, Anita, French

Video Description: Joy and Anita are waiting for you on Swame! Can't stop it! The sparkling Joy is now like a fish in water in front of the camera, and wants to savor the maximum sensations that all this gives her. It must be said that the young secretary from Alsace no longer has any taboos when it comes to sex, which pushes her to push her own limits... The one who has been able to try both male and female orgasms. female would now like to combine the pleasures. And to multiply the excitement, the naughty brunette will be entitled to familiar partners, who are none other than the sensational Anita and the unstoppable Hiro!

Leila - Leila Wanted To Make Sure She Hadn't Dreamed [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jacquie Et Michel TV, JacquieEtMichelTV, Leila, French, Anal

Video Description: Have fun discovering Leila on her Swame! What you can't take away from her is that she knows what she wants! Since her first filmed experience, the bubbly Leila has seen life in a different light and that seems to suit her perfectly. Follower of rhythmic sex, the pretty young lady loved being accompanied by two handsome males the last time. This is why the young girl from Lille wants to repeat the scene, but with different actors, in order to vary the sensations. Klem and Hiro, two superb stallions, volunteer without hesitation...

Stella - Started By Two Men, Stella Appears Conquered! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jacquie Et Michel Tv, JacquieEtMichelTv, Stella, French, Anal, DP

Video Description: The more time passes, the more the naughty CV of the beautiful Stella grows! The young girl from Lille, who recently moved to the South not far from Marseille, is definitely ready to try everything when it comes to sex. Always so sexy in her carefully selected lingerie, the pretty redhead wants to take it to the next level, accompanied by two men. Hooded, the latter are preparing to totally dominate their prey of the day, before revealing their faces to increase the excitement of the moment...

Victoria Nova - Victoria, 47, Executive Assistant In Paris! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jacquie Et Michel Tv, JacquieEtMichelTv, Victoria Nova, MIlf, French, Boobs

Video Description: It was she who took the initiative to come and present herself to shoot an X video, and she absolutely does not regret it! At 47, Victoria is one of those women who are sure of their desires and who no longer want to waste time fulfilling their most naughty fantasies. Executive assistant in Paris, this very elegant milf with a more than voluminous chest 90G! admits to being a cerebral person who spends a lot of time projecting herself into salacious situations through her mind... But here, the superb blonde with a crazy body takes action and does exactly what she wants to do!

Alice, Katy - The Greedy Katy Is Spoiled! [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Jacquie Et Michel TV, JacquieEtMichelTV, Alice, Katy

Video Description: Find more naughty content from Alice on Swame! After having tasted the lust of Sapphic pleasures, the radiant Katy only aspires to repeat the experience! It must be said that resisting the charm of the sensational Alice is almost mission impossible. So, when the young Auvergne realizes that she will be able to have fun again with her blonde sidekick, her excitement goes up a notch. After a few hugs and caresses, the two naughty girls join Klem in the bedroom, who is obviously busy doing something else...
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