Erin Electra - Your stepmom gets stuck and you fuck her [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Amateur, MILF, Mommy Roleplay, POV, Stuck, Boobs

Video Description: Your stepmom really doesn't like it when you leave your game console plugged in. To change the plug she has to reach under the and behind the shelves and its really uncomfortable. but instead of letting you do it now, she just goes ahead and tries it, and gets herself totally stuck! her ass is sticking up so seductively that you start to get hard. well she is stuck there so no need to help her quickly. this is just to good. so you start stroking your dick because now you can see her pussy. She start to get annoyed with you though and seems to think it would be a lot easier for everyone if you just stuck your dick into her pussy and just fuck her.

Jocelyn Baker - Son Accidentally Creampies Mom [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: mom , son , family , pov , creampie , fuck machine, boobs, huge tits

Video Description: You're in your bedroom, sick home from school. You go into the bathroom really quick while your mom is in her office talking on the phone with your dad. They're talking about how she's ovulating again, like they're actually going to have sex to try to make a know they haven't fucked for months. Now is your chance to send that girl that you really like a picture of your cock. You guys have been sexting all morning and you just can't wait to show her how hard she's made you.'re so horny that you accidentally sent the text to "Mom" instead of "Morgan" maybe the text didn't go through? You're certainly not going to ask your mom and find out..time to go in your room and wait. *Knock* *Knock* it comes. You can tell by the look on her face that she's PISSED. You've never told anyone, but you've always thought your mom was kind of hot. It's totally gross and that's why you've never said anything, but it gets your dick twitching with excitement to know she saw you hard. Plus, it's kind of funny to see her so mad. Maybe you can fuck with her, so you ask her if she liked seeing it. She didn't like that very much, now she's yelling more. Wait, did she just say she thought it looked fine? Bigger then my dads? This is getting interesting..maybe now is the time to tell her that I watch her masturbate. OMG. She likes it! She is NOT telling me about how she hasn't been fucked in months. Now is she really thinking about stripping for me? God damn my mom looks good naked. I hope she...omg..she is coming over here to fuck me! She just told me not to creampie her because she's fertile for the next 4 days..I hope I can listen.

Katie71 - It Slipped In Taboo [FullHD 1080P]

Genre: Taboo, MILF, Mature, Older Woman, Younger Man, POV

Video Description: My mom came into my room all upset with me cause my room is a mess and I haven't been cleaning anything at all lately. She started giving me a lecture about it and picking up my room and she was only wearing this small silk robe with nothing on under. I could't believe it but I kept seeing flashes of her pussy and tits. Anyways, I decided to adjust my cock as it was rock hard and she fell back and onto my cock and it slid into her vagina. We were trying to be careful so I didn't end up cumming into her as it felt so good in her pussy and she was freaking out. After a few minutes she pulled it out and my cum was dripping from her pussy..i came inside her. She told me to keep this between the two of us and made it very clear I needed to do the dishes and clean my room.
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