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Anna Rose [] Provocation [2018/FullHD]

Name roliks: Provocation

Type SiteRip: 1080 Size: 1.11 GB

Gorgeous Anna Rose dresses in sexy lingerie for a date with Maxmilian Dior, as Andrej Lupins Provocation, the latest instalment of his nostalgic and evocative Vintage Collection, begins. A slow, seductive 1920s jazz soundtrack transports us to a bygone era, as Anna puts on seamed pantyhose, heels and a flapper-style dress, then delays going out by unzipping Maxmilians pants and stroking his huge, rigid cock. He bares her beautiful breasts and sucks her stiff nipples, then tugs down her pantyhose and spreads her legs wide enough to eat her shaved pussy. Anna moans as his probing tongue sends shockwaves of pleasure coursing through her body, even louder when his fingers come into play. He trails his cock along the juicy folds of her pussy, and prods it teasingly, before sliding it balls deep inside her wetness. Intent on savoring every ecstatic moment, Maxmilians thrusts are slow and measured, which pleases Anna immensely. Letting her take the reins, he stands with his cock still inside her and repositions himself on the edge of the bed. He grips her ass tight and buries his face between her breasts she humps up and down on his pole; he lies back so she can ride him even harder. Annas gasps grow breathless and erratic, her ass cheeks quiver, and she slams down to the root of her mans cock and holds there as shes engulfed by a huge orgasm. Still reeling, Anna stands and bends forward so Maxmilian can drive his cock into her from behind. He speeds up and fucks her more intensely as she slams back to meet every stroke, until he shoots his load deep inside her hot pussy. Kissing tenderly, they bask in the glow of their timeless passion.

Veronica Clark [] Cosset [2018/FullHD]

Name roliks: Cosset

Type SiteRip: 1080 Size: 1.17 GB

Sexy brunette Veronica Clark gets a sensual massage from Kristof Cale as Andrej Lupins lustful and loving Cosset begins. Veronica lies face down on the bed as Kristof removes her white lace underwear. He showers her naked body with kisses, before savoring the flavor of her gorgeous pussy. She smiles and moans softly with arousal as he squeezes her big breasts and slips two fingers inside her. Kristof yanks down his shorts and slides his stiff cock into his sweethearts soaked pussy from behind, kissing her tenderly as he drives into her. He picks up the pace until hes fucking her vigorously, flipping her over into missionary and strumming her clit. Their bodies move in perfect synch, Veronica tugging on her pierced nipples as Kristof increases the intensity of his thrusts. She clings onto her man, head thrown back in ecstasy as she climaxes on his cock. Now she takes the lead, sucking and jerking his thick erection and then straddling him in cowgirl. Her perfect ass bounces up and down as she bucks on his shaft, gasping with every deeply penetrating stroke, right through a second, even more powerful orgasm. Kristofs hot load trickles from her pussy as they kiss and caress one another, sated and oh so in love.

Lee Anne [] Cabaret [2018/FullHD]

Name roliks: Cabaret

Type SiteRip: 1080 Size: 1.25 GB

Sexy brunette Lee Anne and her lover Nick Ross are styled in a perfect homage to early 1930s Berlin in Andrej Lupins Cabaret, the latest edition of his highly acclaimed, nostalgia-flavored Vintage Collection. A hot jazz soundtrack sets the atmosphere as the couple sips Champagne, flirting with intent, until Lee Anne makes the first move. She guides Nicks hand between her spread thighs, tugging her panties aside to ride his fingers as she kisses him. He sucks her erect nipples, her red lips parting as she gasps with pleasure; she slides down her black, frilly panties and Nick sucks her clit as he finger-bangs her wet pussy. Lee Anne frees Nicks stiff cock from his pants and jerks it frantically, lying back on the table as he thrusts it inside her. He drills his long cock into her steadily, lifting her feet up onto his shoulders so he can slide in harder and deeper. Nick sits back in his chair so Lee Anne can straddle him, slamming down on his dick and bucking on it energetically. She switches between slow, intense grinding and frenetic humping, ass cheeks rippling and beautiful breasts jiggling as she careers towards her orgasm. She kneels to lick her juice from his cock, stroking it with both hands, then sinks down on him in reverse cowgirl, her perfect ass bouncing in his lap. She rides to another, even more dramatic orgasm, lying back to let him power into her soaked pussy. He pulls out to shower his hot load over her gorgeous body, embracing her tenderly, a timeless moment shared.

Caomei Bala [] Catalan Bday [2018/FullHD]

Name roliks: Catalan Bday

Type SiteRip: 1080 Size: 1.58 GB

Sexy Caomei Bala treats birthday boy Sylvan to a surprise lap dance in Alis Locantas erotic movie Catalan BDay. Looking sensational in her skintight white dress and heels, the hot redhead grinds against Sylvan, kissing him passionately. He tugs down her dress to suck on her beautiful breasts and flick his tongue over her stiffening nipples. Lifting Caomei onto the dining table in front of him, Sylvan nuzzles her feet, then spreads her thighs and pulls aside her purple panties to expose her hairy pussy. He laps at her plump lips and thrusts a finger into her wet slit, making her moan with pleasure. Caomei kisses her man to taste herself from his lips, then pushes him back into his chair and unzips his pants. She sucks his swelling dick until its rigid, bobbing her head to take it deep. Caomei gets naked and straddles Sylvan, bouncing up and down the length of his cock, her perfect tits jiggling with each stroke. She rides hard, rocking her hips, then spins around into reverse cowgirl, humping his thick cock even more frenziedly. She rubs her clit, shaking wildly as her orgasm overwhelms her. Sylvan bends Caomei over the table and plows into her from behind, slamming into her like an express train, their naked flesh slapping together loudly with each thrust. He sits Caomei on the table again and fucks her face-to-face, before she jerks and sucks him until he spurts his hot load all over her gorgeous breasts. Its the birthday treat of any guys dreams.

Katy Sky, Tiffany Tatum [] Finesse [2018/SD]

Name roliks: Finesse

Type SiteRip: 400 Size: 189 MB

Gorgeous lovers Katy Sky and Tiffany Tatum are locked in a passionate kiss as Andrej Lupin's stylish erotic movie Finesse begins. As their tongues dance, Tiffany slips a hand between sexy blonde Katy's legs and rubs her pussy. Appreciative of the attention and craving more, Katy peels off her tight dress and lies back with her long legs spread so Tiffany can flicker her tongue in and out of her juicy slit. Naked and gasping with pleasure, Katy tugs at the erect nipples of her big, beautiful breasts. Tiffany gets naked too, sinking her fingers into Katy's soaked pussy, thrusting faster and harder as Katy howls with pleasure and arches her back to force them in deeper. She starts to shake uncontrollably, sinking down as a wave of orgasmic delight engulfs her. Tiffany straddles Katy's pretty face, and Katy laps at her hot pink folds, sliding her tongue around to savor her sweet stickiness, while fondling a breast with one hand as the other diddles her clit. Tiffany holds Katy's head tighter against her pussy, seeking deeper penetration. The tattooed brunette grinds on Katy's mouth, yelping with excitement as an intense orgasm sweeps through her. Breathless but eager for more, she lies back between Katy's open legs, playing with her own clit while Katy finger-bangs her sodden hole until she climaxes again, even more wildly than the first time. There's no denying that these hot babes show great Finesse when it comes to satisfying their sexual cravings.