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Video Description: So, one day Yena and her boyfriend come over, talking about they were bored. Oh, did I have some stuff for them to do. They put a glass butt plug in the freezer when I wasn't looking. She asked if I'd film her taking a shower; of course, I said yes! Once she started showering, she started playing with her rainbow dildo. Next thing, her boyfriend got the butt plug out of the freezer, and the rest is worth watching! Yena is a freak, that's all you need to know! Enjoy.

Brea Rose - Mommy Helps With Your Obsession [HD 720P]

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Video Description: I found your porn on your laptop and it looks like you have a mommy/milf obsession. I tell you that I am going to help you overcome your obsession and what better way than for your mommy to act out all of those naughty things for you. I stroke your cock, tease you, lick it, spit on it and eventually give you a blow job with loads of dirty talk.It then cuts to me fucking my ass with a big dildo talking all about the porn you watch and how this will help with your obsession. It cuts back to me finishing off the blow job with a cum countdown for you to cum all over my face! Lots of dirty talk!!

Kristi Lovett - Vday Come Home and Fuck Me [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: I can't wait for you to come home and I show off my outfit for you and bounce my booty then I get worked up and use my glass toy and hitachi to get off twice leaving a big wet spot on the bed. Then I beg you to come home and fuck me cause I'm so horny.

Crystal Knight - Earn Multiple Orgasms - Edging Games JOI [UltraHD/4K 2160P]

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Video Description: Have you ever had the fantasy of cumming multiple times in one session? I know how much of a gift this is going to be if you achieve it. The first one will happen randomly and quickly, I guarantee you cum to my countdown. The second one will be earned. You will edge to my instructions as I tease you with my body. Working you back up to another intense orgasm takes time. You must listen to my words, play my erotic jerking games, and worship when told without holding back. Let yourself be vulnerable during this session and hand over full control. Earning multiple orgasms is not a simple task, but it is beyond worth it.

ImMeganLive - Mom Unravel Tiktok Doggystyle Challenge [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: My step-son is coming home from school and is in a good mood. His step-dad always on business trips. My step-son saw his hot step-mom in the kitchen making the dinner and wearing a really hot and tight skirt. He fully motivated showed her the new challenges that are right now on the internet that girls do. First on is called the "tik tok doggystyle virgin - PRO challenge". The girls just show how virgin, beginner, intermediate AND the PRO doggystyle pose looks like. I find it funny and laughs at it. He was wondering why? I said thats what they call advanced and PRO doggystyle poses? Let me show you how it really looks like, BUT only if you dont tell your step-dad about it. Of course he would not?! I said okay but I won't do it here in the kitchen, the floor is here to hard and the neighbours could see me. Come with me young boy! In the bedroom I say okay stand next to the bed here, right here don't move! I go on the bed, he could see me from the side, and then I start with the Virgin doggy pose, I says maybe thats what you will see in the next years and laughs. Then I saw the beginner doggy position and say thats what your girls "call" the PRO doggystyle position? I go into the intermediate doggy position and say thats what I call intermediate but then I go into the PRO doggystyle position it was insanely hot! I say you have to put your ass UP and your head has to be on the bed. THATs what I call is the PRO doggystyle young boy! He stutter and ask if I can show it again from the behind this time. I say okay but I warn you don't talk to anyone about this or I will never show you something like this anymore. I begin again from the beginning and explains it again to the pro position! This time on the PRO doggystyle position I even shakes my ass for me and asks if he likes the view. Of course he DOES!? What a question? Okay thats enough young boy! I turn around and just see his huge boner through the pants. I got shy. I ask maybe I should let you see a bit more of the PRO doggystyle pose? I turn around and starts instantly with the PRO position and say wait maybe I even have a MASTER position. I spread my legs, my tight skirt goes up slowly "oooppss I say" and now for the MASTER Doggystyle. Of course I need to loudly scream and moan young boy! Of course I also need to talk dirty. I slowly put my thong to the side and says I need your big dick inside me to cum. He fucked me so hard that we both cum pretty hard and fast. After he came inside me I showed him one last time how a MASTER Doggystyle pose looks like and pulls down my skirt and went my way.
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