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Of late, Salome Salvi has been keeping a Filipina Sex Diary to document her kinky fantasies. In fact, she is filming her sexual trysts for her daily vlog. Fortunately for the members of TrikePatrol.Com, we get to see her live out her fantasies on film. Should be mentioned, Salome is a little shy by nature, but loves to flirt. For example, on a recent trip to the gym, she wore a skimpy outfit to attract attention to herself. Needless to say, she doesnt have to do much to turn heads.

First thing you will notice about lovely Salome, she is adorable with a bubbly personality. Of course, you will notice instantly how sexy she is. On this occasion, she woke up very horny and had a plan all laid out for the day. Turns out, she had her eye on an attractive guy at the gym. Because she is shy, she just now got to speak to him. Due to that development, her next course of action was a skimpy workout outfit to really get his attention. Guess what? It worked.

Soon after Salome returned from her workout, she got a text from her man. That fact that her sex diary was coming to life, excited her very much. To be exact, she put on a sexy strip show and masturbated before he even arrived. What happened next will singer your shorts. We mentioned how fit this kinky Filipina is, watch how much energy she has when she is riding his dick. Turns out, all those squat thrusts she has been doing not only turned him on, but it also gave her the strength to fuck his lights out. Simply put, the girl is a sexual dynamo and now you can see all the hardcore action for yourself. Come on in and sit a spell, youll be glad you did.

Mildred B, 19 - Cute Girl Pussy Fuck Double Cream NEW!!! [FullHD 1080P]

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Dear Diary We are one week away from Asian Sex Diarys 10th year anniversary, so I was thinking of a petite super cute girl pussy fuck to invite over for that. Suddenly, I remembered Mildred! Shes a 19yo waitress that I fucked on my previous visit to AC. At that time, I only showed you her taking a shower and told you that I would put that shoot in the FlightClub. She was, for sure, one of my most-favorite girls of last year and I was now trying to find her again. And I did! I got her new WhatsApp from a friend here and she was super-happy to talk with me again. She will come over in 3 days for another shoot. So to warm you up for that, I decided to use that first cute girl pussy fuck-shoot as a regular update on my Diary today.

You will understand why I was so crazy about this cute girl pussy fuck video. Mildred is a super-shy waitress that has never fucked a foreigner before and only ever fucked with her local BF shes almost a virgin! Just look at her shaven snatch! Damn, she made me crazy!

This shoot was one of my best memories of last year, I even gave her a double creampie and now she is coming back on the 25th, she said! So here she is Mildred in her full cute pussy fuck glory!

Nooann NEW!!! [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: After fucking Nooann's lovely tight pussy, I spilt my load of spunk into her open mouth and then watched her sit up and spit it all out into the palm of her hand

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