Kandy [ClubStiletto.com] JUNIOR IS MOMMY'S TOILET BENCH [2018/FullHD]


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Kandy takes Junior out to the woods where she often likes to relax, and where he comes in quite handy as a bench. She really has to take a piss, and when shes finished that, shes going to have to do Number Two as well. She sits on Junior and takes a strong leak onto the forest floor, so you can imagine its you there with your mouth open and waiting to receive her gift, while Junior is denied for being a bit lippy earlier that morning. How humiliating, being used as a bench while Mommy gives her sweet nectar to another slave.

Kandy shifts so her butt hangs off Juniors back, and this is where she will relieve herself. She mentions that its really a pretty public area, and as the camera pans around, you can see all the houses just yards way. Anyone could see us here and tell Daddy the dirty secret between his son and me, she giggles. Kandy relaxes now so she can release her waste. She tells Junior that when shes finished, he will be expected to "clean up" the mess. Do you understand? she asks him. "Yes, Mommy" he replies. With such a well trained son, theres hope for future generations after all.
Claudia, Yenna [Got2pee.com] Two Is Better Than One Apr 19, 2018 [2018/FullHD]

Name roliks: Two Is Better Than One Apr 19, 2018

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European babes Claudia and Yenna feature in todays scene on Got2Pee. Both girls are walking hand in hand down a woodland road when they feel the urge of piss desperation. They both stop and squatting to pee, spray their piss down onto the ground at the same time. They look like giggling schoolgirls as they rush off once they have finished!

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