Condom Drink [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: There's no way around it - I get proper FUCKED in this one! Brutal pounding,ass licking, my face used as target practice for Bruce's spit as he makes me say the dirtiest things... It's so HOT!! So much so that pretty soon Bruce's dick is exploding and filling the condom with jizz... But you know us - this is not the end of the video! I then use a straw to slurp up every last drop of cum in there. That last little bit was hard to get so Bruce helpfully fills the condom with piss - perfect! I drink it all down like a well-trained little sex slave ;) - M xx

Cumshot Compilation 3 [FullHD 1080P]

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Video Description: I don't know what it is about sperm that makes it so damn photogenic... I could watch videos of girls getting their face painted all day! Including my own. A facial is so submissive, dirty and kind of a compliment at the same time. Who doesn't want to wear her boyfriend's orgasm on her face? These are 10 of my favorite cum moments of the last few months - cum play, cum on food and of course lots and lots of facials. Enjoy! -Morgan xx

Fist my loose cunt in public [HD 720P]

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Video Description: This submissive amateur wife returns in an outrageous new update, having her loose cunt meat fisted extremely hard in a public forest, by her dominant husband till she squirts! She's a self confessed fisting whore and thrives on severe humiliation. It's her ultimate sexual fantasy to be publicly exposed as the perverse fisting slut she is, and thats exactly what she gets in this scene. See her parading around a forest half naked, then casually bends over bracing herself by a tree, as her husband begins his savage fisting onslaught on her sopping wet cunt from behind. The penetration is insanely hard and some of the very best we've seen. Powerful thrusts of his clenched fist blast in and out of her splattering hole, slamming his knuckles against her G-spot and twisting them around inside her. Her orgasmic sensations are intense, making her growl like a demonic possessed whore and gasping for breath, as he fist fucks her harder and faster, making her cunt drool continuously in several orgasms but she's still hungry for more. Her husband relentlessly repeats the process without stopping between her orgasms, till her pussy erupts in a massive piss squirting explosion, yanks out his fist, then walks away while her ruined snatch carries on leaking profusely down her legs!

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Video Description: We have a thrilling new update starring the perverse fisting whore 'Sofia', having both her holes fisted to destruction by her boyfriend, then showered in his piss and jizz for the ultimate humiliation. Sofia's a smoking hot blond with a submissive nature, constantly craving extreme degradation in the most extreme ways. It's her biggest fantasy to be used as a fisting whore and human toilet and its exactly what she deserves. See her boyfriend punishing her holes, starting with brutal vaginal fisting. He punch fucks her ruined cunt meat with a jewelled butt plug wedged in her ass, till she cries tears of ecstasy in a breath taking orgasm. Once her cunt destruction is complete, he continues fisting her ass to the wrist. It's not an easy challenge for her, but failure isn't an option, she wants full anal fisting and its going to be the hard way. Hard slaps to her pussy and face keep her obedient and constantly groaning in ecstasy, she's completely humiliated with both holes ruined beyond return, but he's not finished with her yet. The submissive whore still wants more, so she falls to her knees with her mouth open, as a bucket receptacle for his heavy cumshot, followed by a golden shower of his stinking hot piss, to douse her head to toe and quench her thirst!
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