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Genre: Transsexuals, Shemale, Solo, Anal

Video Description: Mirella Ferraz is tidying up the room to be more comfortable and be able to relax after a long week: she organizes the cushions and blankets, she puts some freshener, she puts in order some flowers Now, she can sit on the couch and enjoy her afternoon without all the mess around the living room. However, once shes sat, she starts to feel hot, so she decides to take off her clothes, showing some lingerie. But then Mirella thinks what activity is better to enjoy her afternoon. Her decision is clear: appreciate her body and give herself some pleasure. She starts to play with her boobs and pinching her nipples, making her eyes to roll of pleasure. She touches her cock with her hand and then puts her finger inside her ass before taking her sexual toy to experience more and more pleasure. Sitting on the couch, kneeling on it she combines her dildo with handjob until she cums.

Genre: Transsexuals, Shemale, Solo, Masturbation

Video Description: Grazyelli Silva is rehearsing her dance for finals. The choreography is quite difficult, because it has many steps. She does it but she fails. She starts the choreography again. The dance is really provocative, moving her hips, opening her legs... Suddenly, she does it wrong again and she stays still one second. After a while, she decides to improvise a little bit and have fun for a while. She starts a striptease dance, taking off her clothes. She touches her body, caresses her ass, her legs, her boobs Everything is so sensual. She starts to touch herself standing, but soon she gets really horny. So, she sits down and starts to masturbate herself, taking her dick with her hand and touching it. She masturbates in different positions and she introduces her fingers on her ass too until she reaches the orgasm.
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