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Video Description: A concerned student told me that you've been bringing pills to school. You know very well that we have a zero tolerance policy here. All substances - pharmaceutical or not - are strictly prohibited. Empty your pockets right now. AHAH! I knew it! You say these are some kind of super-viagra you bought off of the internet?
You say they're harmless? I don't believe you. I'll make you a deal, wise guy: eat the entire bag of them right now, and I won't report you to the administration or your parents. If the pills are as harmless as you say, why hesitate? Woah, you weren't joking after all. That has to be the biggest erection I've ever seen! It keeps swelling and growing by the second! How much bigger is it going to get?
Oh my god, I know I shouldn't say this, but I want to feel it inside me. Medically speaking, I can't leave you with an erection for hours on end. Fuck me right here, right now, and it can be our secret.

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Video Description: I got a new toy 16 minutes of pure fun i fucking love it come watch and i make this cock squirt imagine a front row seat of me sucking your cock .. yess exactly wait no more because its finally here

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Video Description: I'm winging it. Showing off my sexy tight bodysuit, but talking you through a fantasy. You spotted that sexy milf at the gym with the big ass and after working out you run home to jerk your hard cock. She got you all worked up with her tight clothes, bending over in front of you...wonder what she's doing now?? Jess Ryan

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Video Description: Your sweet, adoring mommy comes in to check on you and see if youre ready for bed. She notices that you dont seem to be feeling well, and she asks whats wrong. You tell her how you took a bunch of daddys enhancement pills and now youre not doing so hot. She lays down with you and rubs your tummy, wishing that there was more she could do to help. There is something more she could dobut that would be inappropriate. She cant bear to see you like this, though. So, she moves from rubbing your tummy to rubbing your cock. She finds herself getting flustered over how big and hard your cock isshe cant help but wrap her lips around it, sucking until you blow a great big load in her mouth. But shes not done with you yet. She gives you some more of Daddys pills to make sure youll stay hard, then she rides you until she cums all over your cock. She tells you to get on top and fuck her, and you do, until you cum deep inside of her. Dont worry, mommy is going to help you become a man who knows exactly how to please a woman.

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Video Description: Your new room is really coming along, sweetie, but I have a great decorating idea for you. Let's match the paint color with your stiff cock! I brought the color samples so drop your pants and I can start comparing. I just think your boner turns a very cute pinkish red when you get excited so why not use that for some inspiration. I know watching me play with my big, full breasts makes you excited so just relax while I make sure you are ready.
I told you it gets a very pretty complexion when you are nice and hard. I do think there is one more thing we need to try, though. I want to compare the colors after your cock has been inside me. If you want Step-Mom's help with some decorating then I want your help with some dick.

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Video Description: I met curvy cutie Hong (bargirl name: Fong) at a beer bar on Soi 7 one evening. She had a cute face and nice smile, but the two features I was most interested in were the two juicy jugs hanging off her chest. She wanted to play pool, so I bought her a drink and we started playing. Im a decent pool player, but Hong was a shark! I could tell she knew how to hustle guys for money, but it was actually fine with me. Since the little whore was wearing a low cut tank top, every time she bent down to shoot I got a prime, birds eye view of her excellent cleavage. This is the type of girl who should be having one of my many babies!

Besides being a pool shark, she was also a natural nymphomaniac. This chick just loved sex! Loved to suck cock, loved to get plowed, and loved to masturbate. While she was hesitant to let me film her getting fucked on camera, she did allow me to take some video of her stripping down and playing with her pretty plump pussy! And any video is better than nothing I say. The more you can slowly break these girls in and let them get used to the camera, the more likely theyll let you boom-boom them in the future on film, so I looked at this as an investment. I have a good feeling this investment will pay off! Stay tuned...
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